Self harm or as Allan prefers to call It, ‘deliberate self injury’, is a lot more common these days. We are all guilty of causing harm to our bodies, through drinking, smoking, over or under eating etc., and is also a symptom of the pressures of modern society. To some it's as natural a coping strategy, way of releasing stress, as it is for others to a have a pint of beer or glass of wine after a stressful day. And sadly it is becoming more prevalent though it can be successfully overcome.



Drawing on his vast experience of working with people from all walks of life. Allan helps you identify the feelings that trigger the impulse to Self Injure.


Then using an holistic approach, combined with time tested techniques - and the unique SMILE ingredient, shows you how to reprogram your thinking about the need to self injure. He also shows you alternative strategies to wean you off self injuring and gives you a practical tool kit to help you cope with the pressures of day to day living.