Research shows that the hardest word to say in the English language is No.

Why's that? because most people think if we say No there's a risk of upsetting the other person, then there's a likely-hood that they won't like us. And we all have an innate need to be liked, so we often compromise our needs to satisfy the needs of others.

Assertiveness is not about getting your own way all the time, it's about stating how you feel, valuing your needs and balancing them with the other persons needs to come to a common agreement. A win win situation. groucho

Most people don't value their own needs as much as the needs of others, because of low self esteem. 'Groucho Marx summed this up perfectly, 'I'll never join a club that will have me as a member'. How many of us subscribe to that belief?


Drawing on his vast experience of working with people from all walks of life. Allan, using an holistic approach, combined with time tested assertiveness techniques and the unique SMILE ingredient, shows you how to reprogram your thinking - and provides you with a practical tool kit to help you value your needs, become more assertive - and more able to communicate effectively.