Learning to be Calm

Anger is a natural emotion. if it's expressed in a manner that's appropriate to the situation, it can be beneficial because it releases tension The problem comes when we hold on to the anger. Over time it builds and comes out inappropriately like a volcano, and often at not the intended target.

volcanoAlthough anger is a natural emotion. It's also a masking emotion. It can often hide a reservoir of suppressed feelings, which might include sadness, fear and/or pain.

Drawing on his vast experience of working with people from all walks of life. Allan will help you to identify the subconscious feelings that are building up tensions inside you and will assist in pin-pointing the triggers that set off incidentsanger.

Then, using time proved techniques, for managing anger - and the unique SMILE ingredient - he will show you how to reprogram your thinking - and provides you with a practical tool kit to help you cope with, and manage, both the underlying reasons for your anger and the triggers that cause it to be released.